Slowly becoming home…

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Slowly but surely I am getting things into place. I can’t move fast obviously and must take it slow in order to avoid the intense pain as much as possible.

Of course things must go wrong at some point. It is not possible for perfection. When I first get out of bed which is a real painful chore it takes an hour or more of movement so that the pain starts to dissipate. I manage a box or so a day unless I am out getting something or going to the drs. I could use less dr appointments.

I did finally read all the paperwork. So much to read. I got yelled at for asking the manager what to make the rent check out to. He told me it is in the large envelope of papers I signed.

One of my closets is the cat’s. One end is plastic tubs…

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