48 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/2/18

  1. I don’t really pay much attention to commercials. They’re all annoying. The ones I really have a dislike for are the perfume ones. They make no sense, they aren’t humorous. They’re just weird. 😏

  2. Anything showing women on their periods running on the beach, riding a bike or on a bloody horse. Like yes this is the way it should be. I literally want to throw something at the tv. Same with any chocolate advert who conveys the message that chocolate is naughty or a sin. The only way chocolate is naughty is if you are using a 3 ft smartie tube to smack someone to death with it

  3. All of them — “Nasty, we hates it.” Even when I did watch TV I avoided them (great invention, the remote control), or at least muted them (always have a book handy).

  4. the bounty paper towel commercial..they refuse to enunciate and the “per roll” comes out as “parole”..drives me absolutely batty!

      1. It’s the one where the kid comes in with a letter and asks someone, unclear what the relationship is to read the letter and it is an acceptance letter to a school. t is constantly on and drives me nuts!

  5. The Geico commercial with that blasted squealing pig! So glad they have stopped airing that one. I almost felt the need to round-house kick their head of marketing!

  6. I try not to watch commercials. I have ad blockers on my browsers and turn the channel when they come on television. They just fuel a lot of bad habits, in my opinion.

    1. I enjoy ads online that bring my attention to things I would like. For instance I signed up for a monthly subscription for a company that delivers my air filters to the house. convenient

      1. True, there are ads with a purpose and there are times that I’m not quick enough with the remote and I see them. But very few. The pushed consumerism just becomes too much.

      2. But in my home, I still have control over my quiet time. And I choose to exercise it there, after being forced everywhere else. I want to minimize the brainwashing while I decompress. When I go looking for it, fine. But until then…

      1. Any of the food commercials are so pricey to be made because of the science behind them, the sizzle sound, the grill marks, the shot of the pour, the added crunch of the lettuce, the cheese that’s actually grated soap. That is all yo tempt you, make you get in your car and buy when you aren’t actually hungry, triggering dopamine and joy receptors. I could’ve just eaten a cookie and seen Häagen-Dazs on the television and crave it for two days. So I know exactly what you are saying.

  7. I actually like the Trivago ads. Or at least I do not find them annoying. But what is driving me CRAZY about them at the moment is that they have dubbed the actor’s voice. He used to be on the ads with his own voice and sometime in the last year they have started to dub him with a voice actor’s voice. Since the on screen actor is an American living in Germany I suspect that the voice is now done by an American resident and this is a union requirement being fulfilled. But it still drives me crazy!

      1. Yes and I imagine he is making lots of $ with these ads as he has become the Trivago Man. However in England the Trivago ads are done by a woman. Not so interesting IMHO 🙂

      2. Well our son, who lives in London, said that he thought the young woman was “bland”. So he is a 30 something, millennial, professional and the ads didn’t work for him and the “tribe” at his office.

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