Cyranny's Cove

20180314-img_7425Romeo & Juliet from Tofino Photography

Vohne raged… Confined to the house, perfectly useless.

It was his role to defy the forest’s realm to feed Cibelle. Not the other way around, and he cursed at the Blue Moon for putting him in such an irritating position. Cibelle and him were a fusional team. He was her arms, and she was his heart. One just couldn’t bear to lose the other.

He knew far better than her the perils of wandering through the surounding woods this time of year. He had warned her, but she felt too close to the forest to be cautious enough.

Vohne trusted his Lover… He trusted her with his life, but he feared for her nonetheless. What, in Heaven’s name could he possibly do to be of any help? Not much, by all means, but there had to be something he could try.

Wandering through the…

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