Cicada song…

Cyranny's Cove

Previously posted August 7th, 2016.


She was lying in the tall hay, eyes closed, open minded…

What is summer…?

It might have slipped from her lips. Or his, had he been there. But she was alone, with her thoughts, resting in the field, her skin offered to the sun.

What is summer…?

Summer is all about feelings, that’s why people crave it so much, she thought.

It is wild flowers blooming, and weeds growing tall… Green leaves covering trees, making them forget their winter’s nakedness. It is blood red moons, announcing the upcoming heat.

Summer is the smell of freshly cut grass. Or the tint of a thousand BBQs grilling all together, giving the breeze a symphony scent of promised delights. It is the salty fragrance of the sea, lingering on your skin after a day spent playing in the ocean’s waves.

Summer is the banquet of summer-fresh yummies, from…

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