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What’s worse than having a tantrum or meltdown is the execution of it after the process of adulting has begun. Not only does it strain (or completely damage) relationships, it can leave behind a strong flavor of coffee grinds with the hint of regret on the side. Who I am today,  and who I show up as during situations of “overwhelm” are extremely important to me.  That doesn’t mean I never get upset or don’t occasionally stick my foot in my mouth without thinking. It simply means I try to pause (and sometimes pray!) before speaking. Is what I’m planning to say true, kind or necessary.  If necessary, do I need to be the one to say it? Is what I’m thinking even based in reality, or on emotion? Should I sleep on it in case there is a new perspective at sunrise?


Years ago I succumbed to alternating tantrums and…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Post/Tantrum

  1. Hi Dray! It is really tough to handle tantrums at any given time, more so if it comes from a very unexpected situation. Try to understand especially when someone has difficulty on controlling his/her emotions. Therapy would be a great help! Good day. 🙂

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