26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/7/18

  1. When I was very young and we went between the suburb where we lived and my grandparents’ house in the city (Chicago), the road went along the Western shore of Lake Calumet (which was very polluted by who knows what, before the Clean Water Act), and past a Sherwin-Williams paint factory, and, nearby at the North end of the lake, an active city dump (in the days before the incinerator and the Clean Air Act).

    Now, I understand that the lake is clean, the paint factory is gone, and the dump is a golf course.

  2. It wasn’t abattoir, but they had lots of sheep skins and sheeps heads, I can still smell that today apart from that it was a toilet in Sri Lanka as drewdog says, ‘a hole in the ground’ 😀

  3. Interesting question. Not necessarily a specific place, but if you’ve ever been near a paper mill, like the ones outside of Asheville, that’s pretty rank. There’s one outside of Panama City Beach that’ll make you gag. Oh, and living out in a farming community, When The manure is spread for fertilization of soil prior to planting season is rough as well.

  4. In the area known as Chinatown in Toronto on the hot summer days when the garbage trucks would come to collect garbage left out by the various grocery stores and restaurants there would be a pungent odor that would have me almost retching into the gutter.

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