Pulling Weeds: Making Room For Our Dreams To Grow

Reclaiming HOPE

Herb bed with text overlay, Pulling Weeds: Making Room For Our Dreams To Grow, https://reclaiminghope.blog

I’m so excited — we planted our garden yesterday! Once the weather starts to warm up, my fingers just start itching to get in the dirt. Gardening is very therapeutic for me, and I just love seeing everything grow. One thing I’m not so fond of, though, is pulling weeds.

Garden 5-2-18-3380

Weeding is such a pain; you spend hours pulling those little suckers up and every time you turn around, new ones have taken their place. Frankly, there are times that I’d rather just let the weeds grow. I can’t do that though. If the weeds are allowed to grow, my vegetables have to compete with them for food and water. Have you ever heard the expression “growing like a weed?” Well, guess who’s getting all the food….

Not only do they rob your plants of the nutrients they need, they often grow so prolifically that they completely choke out the…

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