42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/9/18

  1. I just took a car-full of (mostly paper) to recycle today. It had been building up for a while. Other than that, I have some involvement in local politics, try to support locally owned business, and have the garden club that my mother belonged to dig plants from the garden for their annual plant sale that supports a scholarship fund.

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  2. Shop locally, participate in more school functions than I can recall, we have adopted our road to keep clean, and we generally are present and accounted for in every function the town sponsors. Keep in mind though, we don’t live right in town, and the town itself is a population of 1500 or so. We just try to be good residents (we are transplants) and help any of those in need in our little community.

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  3. I have voted in all UK elections since reaching the age of 18. One of the things which irritates me intensely is those who complain about the state of their community, the country etc but never (or seldom) vote!

    I also give away my books more often than I should. Okay, this helps to get my name out there. It does, however mean that members of the community are getting a book for free.

    Having said the above I could, I feel sure do more.


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    • We could all do more I guess. This question came up because I’ve been wondering if I do enough and I don’t think I do. I’m going to try to find a local organization with which I can volunteer.

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  4. I donate a copy of each of the photo books I publish (8) to the public library along with nearly two hundred images the library can use with copyright permission as noted in my last will and testament. I am also a church photographer at my local church. g

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  5. I shop local, eat at local restaurants, and use local businesses for garden work, appliance fixing and go to a local gym , medical practice, dentist and bakery and farmer’s market. At our house on our one acre we have planted trees for us and for the next generation.

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