24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/11/18

  1. Minimum live and in-person interaction. At this point, one could work, shop, socialize, etc. all without leaving the house. I’d imagine that’s just going to continue and become more pronounced in the years to come.

  2. Isolation and distorted views. Yet without it, I’d never have met the fine people in the blogosphere. Social media is Bittersweet.

  3. Participation in online social network sites provides individuals with disabilities and older adults more accessible methods of staying connected while providing feelings of connectedness similar to traditional networks.

  4. I agree with all above. I am isolated to a certain degree so it is handy. However I have removed FB and Twitter from my iPad and phone. If there is a family event and I know pics are going to be posted, I go on, look, copy what I want and get off. It’s easy to get yourself dependent on these social sites where trust is not always warranted. I do shop online if necessary because trips to post office and shopping involve asking someone to drive me, inconvenient. One of my sons met his wife playing a game online and I guess that’s using social media how they connected. It turned out beautifully for them and they have been together for five years so far. So it can be done and can have a perfect outcome.

  5. I think it is going to evolve, probably in multiple contradictory directions as yet unknown and unpredictable. It is a very, very young thing with huge growing pains. Eventually, I don’t know, maybe The Matrix, maybe something more like universal mental telepathy where there are no secret thoughts.

  6. i’m not sure I can answer this today. I have had a week where one professional rider friend, a fellow horse blogger and today I have had vitriolic comments thrown at us on Social Media. I have actually had to post something on FB to say I will not allow vitriolic negative comments on my Horse Addict Leueen page and if any appear the person will be banned from the page. There are lots of pages that thrive on that stuff but I will not have it. So I need to take a breath and let it go before I comment on where social media is going to.

  7. I am not sure this can be answered properly, this is the first generation that has grown up with social media as a constant, When I was growing up, I could be stupid, have idiot views and they would die in time, now you get drunk and its posted all over social media, you have a view that is stupid it is there for all time for employers to see and will probably come back and haunt you.

    Also on that small children, who don’t have a choice are being put on social media at a younger and younger age and there is a small minority of parents who go too far with it (can’t remember the name but there was a family youtubers who were vile to one of their children under the guise of it being a joke)

    I also think that people are getting desensitived to things, the youtuber in Japan springs to mind and there have been many other examples

      1. I use Facebook sparingly. I found it wasn’t adding value to my life, but was eating up my time and causing stress. So I eliminated it.

  8. Like all things in life it will change, vinyl records were finished a few years ago and last year vinyl out sold downloads. Each generation have different ideas. The view at the moment is that what we have will remain or progress, but that is a mistake society repeats over and over. I could be wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if, in 20 years or so social media is frowned upon by a new generation of “actual communiationists” as opposed to “virtual communicationists” 😜

      1. I have given up on Twitter and only use Facebook to see pictures of Grandchildren (closed group) I don’t see WordPress as Social Media, it’s more like a replacement for Penfriends and a way of seeing the world from another view, not skewed by a journalist on the sell. One or two generations down the road will say, “Really? You spent all that time typing s*** into a little box?” Plus the next ‘Planet crisis’ won’t be nuclear attacks or war it’ll be food shortage that’ll get us in the end (they like to keep that quiet) so they’ll all be out planting vegetables in their flower boxes or wherever they can, won’t have time for Social Media lol 😀

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