Your Most Important Relationship Ever

Micki Allen

The most important and longest lasting relationship any human being will ever have on Earth is the one which they have with themselves. It begins the day we are born and lasts until the day we take our last breath. In that, it is the only relationship that holds fast to the romantic ideal of true love, “until death do us part.” It makes sense that this is the one relationship we should devote most of our time, nurture, and resources to; and yet, all too often, it is the relationship we end up neglecting. We may treat our friends and colleagues with honor, truth, and respect, but often end up being dishonest and disrespectful to ourselves. This is unacceptable.

Be Honest With Yourself. We are autonomous. We know that we are the only ones truly responsible for our actions, well being, and happiness. Be honest in identifying your weak spots…

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