Don’t Let Anyone Take You For Granted.

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

I didn’t write the original article. The author is listed below. But I thought it was an interesting and very true post.

But I think this mentally starts in early childhood. The child who is labeled the good child will often find themselves becoming the one in the family who is always there and relatives come to expect it.  Parents, grandparents, or guardians often to fails to realize the child will continue this doormat behavior outside the home, making them an easy target for abusers.

No one should never burden a child with the responsibility that they must say yes to everything or everyone to be loved. A child shouldn’t be made believe they must give unconditional love to be loved in return. Unconditional love is unrealistic and only set the one doing the giving up for many heartaches. It create selfishness in the heart of the receiver.

A child…

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