Why I Run

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This is a good question and I’m answering it on the hoof, so to speak. I started running because I needed to improve my lung capacity, if you remember this was mentioned in the ‘I Left Home’ series and it was many moons ago, in fact I was 18 so I’ve been running for nearly half a century 😀

Now I could explain how running reduces cancer risk, memory loss and helps your blood pressure, strengthens your heart and makes you a happier person except that I only discovered this 4 mins ago when I googled ‘Is Running Good for You’ You see, I continued running after I stopped diving to counteract the smoking, drinking and generally ‘naughtiness’ and it’s kept me slim.

Godfather celebrating

I know vanity is a sin but I have so many other failings/vices that Jesus probably has me marked as ‘dubious, but not lost’ anyway. I run because…

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