Emergency vehicles force us to be spiritual in a non-religious way!

Lifting Taboos


It happens every time. Every single solitary time I hear the siren of an ambulance behind me or in front of me, spirituality pervades my immediate self for whatever amount of time it is needed for me to realize that I am blessed to be alive.

This spirituality is absent of any religion, or rituals. This spirituality is a reminder that for a few seconds, I’m not the one injured,  about to die, or dying once arriving to the hospital.

This spirituality is about me. For a moment in time, regardless of how I was raised, with or without God, Jesus, Gandhi, other followings, or none of these, I am reminded of my own humanity and how easily it could be me in that emergency vehicle. The humanity I posses in those few seconds, was not taken from me. My family does not have to rush out of work to…

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