Cyranny's Cove

I am alive.

And as long as I am, people can injure my body, but they can’t hurt my soul. Only I can let them inflict pain. It is not easy, but any anger thrown my way, I can refuse. You say I am uninteresting, ugly or crazy? You are allowed to think just that. It doesn’t make me these things.

It doesn’t make me entertaining, intelligent or beautiful either. I am what I am, with my qualities and my flaws. But you don’t get to decide what I am and what I lack!

The only power over me you have, is the one I grant you. It is as simple as that. Not easy yet to practice in all awareness, but I am growing wiser day by day.

I can’t control your thoughts and your actions, only my reaction to them. Likewise, you can’t control me! So I kindly…

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