35 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/14/18

  1. Don’t really have many. I’m no chef, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. The one that comes to mind though was the first meal I ever made for my wife. We’d only been dating for about a month and I decided I’d cook dinner for her. Lasagna was the pick, so I made it all from scratch…including oregano in the sauce and the meat. Unbeknownst to me, she is allergic to oregano. I had some apologizing to do. 😃

  2. Using baking soda instead of corn starch to thicken a stir fry sauce and adding more when it didn’t work. The lesson: Don’t just grab a box out of the cupboard, LOOK AT IT!

      1. I’m not sure I want to know what was in the wrong tube. It reminds me of a friend long ago telling me about the sad experience of someone he knew. The other guy and his girlfriend were preparing to do what lovers do in the dark. He reached for a tube of KY Jelly and got hold of Bengay instead.

  3. One time I put a full glass baking pan of brownies on top of the stove to cool not realizing that I had left a burner on. It blew up. No one was hurt thankfully. I have never cooled anything on the stove again.

    On a funny note….
    We lived in a condo building on the bottom floor (there was a garage below us) and I could hear this weird scratching noise in the cupboard above the stove. I peeked in (I’m still not sure why I would look in there) and tapped on the vent and whatever it was went nuts!!

    I called my husband at work and long story short, he and the building manager decided that it was probably the man upstairs cat tapping on the vent.

    Um??? NO!

    They didn’t believe me until they both got there and tapped on that vent to hear the nutso thing that was trapped inside! What took place after was nothing short of hysterical. 2 grown men with a fish net, some rope to tie up a hole in the fish net…some tools to pry open the vent and one very cranky squirrel!

    It sprung out…leaped over the net and both men and after a quick stop under the kitchen table, made his great escape through the open sliding glass door. 🙂

  4. The recent one I had was having my head in the dishwasher retrieving a spoon i dropped in the bottom as I was rinsing dishes. I felt something on my arm. Let’s just say I have great water power. The stream from the faucet hit a small bowl in the sink just right and it caused a waterfall over the sink edge and the cabinets, floor.

  5. I made a birthday cake for my mother. It was rich chocolate with home made icing. I got out of my car and was carrying it up the stairs , in a box ,to her apartment when it flipped out of my hand and plopped onto the cement. I opened the box and the cake was still in one piece but it had completely fallen in the middle. I took it inside. Would not let my Mother look at it and filled in the hole in the middle with jam and we ate it. She said it was lovely but I knew she knew it was a disaster!

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