24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/15/18

      1. That could be, with a touch of lazy. Of course, this was long before the internet and Wikipedia, so maybe he thought he would be looking things up. I think his wife made him clear it out when they finally had a baby on the way.

  1. One of my NOLA friends is what is referred to a “mambo”, or voodoo priestess. Her house is one of the strangest places I’ve ever been…and I always try to stay on her good side. From potions to chickens feet, skulls to herbs, she has a very interesting assemblage of artifacts and tools of the trade. She does tarot readings as well, so when visiting after an absence, she will read you. That part is unnerving. 😃

      1. More times than not, yes. Sometimes, what she picks up on doesn’t make sense, like names or events. But mostly it’s accurate. She read my wife a couple of months after her mom died, and the stuff she came up with was uncanny. She’s an interesting bird, but I love her to death. 😊

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