Paying The Price For My Indecision

Reclaiming HOPE

Paying The Price For My Indecision

I’d like to start this post by apologizing to everyone whose brilliant posts I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks. I’ve had eye issues again, which have caused me to seriously limit my screen time, so although I’ve tried to at least visit and read through posts, I haven’t done much commenting. In addition to that, I’ve put myself into a bit of a bind….

You know that old saying about having “bitten off more than you can chew?” Well, that may be me at the moment, and it’s entirely my own fault. For some reason, these last couple of weeks have been busier than usual anyway, but now, I have a deadline and not much time to reach it.

As some of you know, I used to work as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, and although I haven’t worked since my fibromyalgia really got bad, I’ve maintained…

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