The Darkness

26 Alphabets, A Hundred Thoughts

There is a beauty in the darkness.
This darkness, feared by many
Gives me solace at this hour of the night.
I can now focus on the sounds
Instead of sight
I can hear my heart’s desires, whose hearing I had postponed during the day.

I’ve heard what they say about the dark
Of evil spirits in the dark
Or black being a color of death
I’ve heard it all
But what myths are they all!
The real light is within me, not in the room
Guiding my path through life.
The real evil is within me!
To keep it suppressed I try.

Here in the darkness
All this fear comes rushing back to me
My clouded thoughts and insecurities which I had unconsciously kept aside
Come to me now.
But this time,
I don’t try to distract myself.
I actually listen to my own problems
Slowly, step by step

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