28 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/16/18

  1. I’ll take the $20 million right now. Hell, I may not live another 40 years. Besides, $20 million is way more than I’d ever need anyway, so $40 million isn’t even necessary…much less having to work that much longer to earn it. Work is vastly overrated.

    1. Just the sort of answer I was going to write! If you’ve got 20 million, how could 40 million be any better? And I’d definitely want it now, as I’m probably not going to be here in 40 years!

  2. 20 right now please. i don’t see managing to live yet another 40 years……that’d put me over 100 and I seriously don’t want to get that wrinkled! lol

    1. If you think short-term of course the 20 makes sense. But like you mentioned, if you begin to consider your family long-term, then you might consider the 40 in 40 years.

  3. You don’t say what you would have to do for the 20 million. If its just someone giving it to me than I would take it, although I will be honest, I do like the idea of actually earning it and be rewarded for my hard work. However I don’t like it that much not to take the 20 million

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