Why Do Bloggers Get Irritated That I Reblog?


Why do bloggers get irritated that I reblog?

For those who are new to my page and to the few who emailed me this past week complaining about my reblogging tactics let me explain to you why I do it.

First, I don’t focus on reblogging as a “cheap trick to create content on my page that someone else created.” as one of you suggested.  I reblog as a way to help others gain exposure for their work that they many not have been able to get on their own.

Second, reblogging is not stealing.  Those blogs that I reblog have voluntarily left links for their post in the comments of my “I’ll Reblog Your Page.”

And lastly, if you don’t like the reblogs you have 2 very, very, very, very, very easy solutions.

  1. Turn off email notifications for my page
  2. Unsubscribe from Dream Big.  You made the choice to follow my page.  I did not twist your arm and ask you to subscribe and I completely understand if you feel the need to stop following my page.

But what I am not going to do is stop sharing other pages and I will never stop giving back to the blogging community.

You may return to the royal wedding now.


45 thoughts on “Why Do Bloggers Get Irritated That I Reblog?

  1. I once had a blogger who raised a similar complaint (I.E. that I was passing off his content as that of mine). All I did was to reblog, and given that the person in question had the reblog option available on their site, this was a perfectly reasonable thing for me to do. Needless to say I have never reblogged anything written by that individual since our misunderstanding.

    Bloggers can, I understand disable the reblogging option on their site. They are, of course perfectly entitled to do this. However, assuming that they wish their work to come to the notice of as wide an audience as possible, turning off the reblog option is somewhat akin to shooting themselves in the foot as they are closing off a means of gaining greater exposure.

    I always appreciate reblogs, including those kindly done by your good self.

    Best, Kevin

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  2. The Royal Wedding is a real yawn to me so, no thanks.

    Reblogging is often a way to share someone’s work that really impresses you, and I’ve occasionally been reblogged for that reason. It drives the reblogger’s readers (some of them anyway) to the original blog so they can access the full content.

    That said, I’ve encountered blogs where 100% of the content is reblogs and their intent is pretty obvious. Some bloggers have probably become sensitive to practices like that, so it’s understandable that you’ll experience some occasional pushback.

    So you can explain to your audience, as you’re doing now, what your intent is and why, and they can either choose to accept it or not. Blogging isn’t a perfect world, it’s a human one, so misunderstandings and injured feelings will happen from time to time.

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    • James, I’ve explained my tactics many times. Often those who complain are new to my page and haven’t experienced my page for the last 4 years. I usually ignore them, but this time they caught me in a mood. lol


    • I am the same, but occasionally I’ll get some jackleg send me an email asking why I feel it necessary to ruin his inbox. lol I just laugh it off. Funny thing is they usually don’t complain when I share their work! Imagine that!


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