36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/21/18

  1. My sister has lived in Hawaii for the past 50 years. I wouldn’t live on the edge of an active volcano, but yes to dormant ones. Even though I know, they can blow too. I live in an area that gets tornados in the summer and is extremely cold and snowy in the winter. So sure, why not?

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  2. I have never lived on an island with a volcano. But I lived in western Washington close to Mount Rainier. Also when Mount Saint Helens blew, in the 80s, there was an inch of ash all the way in Montana. If the volcano under Yellowstone blows, I believe everyone between the Pacific and the Mississippi River will be affected. So although an island is a smaller location typically, it is not unusual to live near a volcano. It’s really all in God’s hand, anyway!

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  3. You said the magic word: island It’s one of the reasons I have never been to Hawaii. I always think, if there’s an emergency, you’re pretty much stuck and have to hope for the best. I have yet to concede that I should visit such a place. My A-type personality isn’t willing to allow that scenario.

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  4. I totally understand what you’re saying. And I like to think that I would be “reasonable” and I wouldn’t, BUT – you move for different reasons. There are different risks all over the planet.

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