33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/23/18

  1. I’d say yes. Even when facing some terrible predicaments, there can be something positive found. Did a new person come into your life? Did a toxic person leave? Was there a weight loss because of a newly diagnosed medical condition? Were you able to inspire someone because of your trials? It’s there. Silver linings don’t always shine like a beacon, but they can be seen if you choose to look for them.

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  2. Not in all things. There is no silver lining to my daughter’s illness or mine. So many times I hear that illness will teach you something, make you better, well we were both pretty darn awesome to begin with. Illness has just taken

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    • I can understand your view. For me, MS and ulcerative colitis has taken things from me, but both have also make me lose a ton of weight which in the long run will give me a better chance of not dying from heart failure. I also quit drinking alcohol. Both diseases have taught me to appreciate those around me and to not take things for granted.

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      • That’s wonderful! I’m glad for you that you had some benefit!
        I’ve always appreciated the little things even as a child. I’ve always appreciated every little thing my body can do. I appreciate it now that my leg still works even though it is so atrophied. Still haven’t found a silver lining for this but I truly am glad you were able to.

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      • For me, I don’t really focus on finding something good out of something bad. I look for something good regardless of good or bad. I try to find something beautiful every day whether it is a breeze or a sunbeam on a leaf. I don’t try to make justice where there may not be any in some sort of senseless tragedy. I do find joy in the small things that some people don’t even notice. So maybe it is the same thing you are saying I just use different words.

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