33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/23/18

      1. My MIL being hit and killed by a train. One of my best friends committing suicide. Watching a friend/BIL lose a set of twins, dissolve into an alcohol-induced spiral of depression, and eventual loss of a marriage. I found no silver linings in any of those events, no.

  1. Well, I suppose so, if you count lessons learned the hard way. Or, so far, there’s always been at least one. I’m still on the grass instead of under it.

  2. I’d say yes. Even when facing some terrible predicaments, there can be something positive found. Did a new person come into your life? Did a toxic person leave? Was there a weight loss because of a newly diagnosed medical condition? Were you able to inspire someone because of your trials? It’s there. Silver linings don’t always shine like a beacon, but they can be seen if you choose to look for them.

      1. Same here. If anything, this illness has shown me so much. Some of it I never wanted to see, but it has opened my eyes more than I ever expected it would.

      1. I think death is one of the hardest to find a silver lining, but the way I look at it, is those sort of things shape you, the way you deal with it, cope.

        I will also say this is not a view I would actually share with someone who has had a breavement, my partner has lost both his parents before the age of 30 and I can bet my last fiver, he never will see a silver lining in it

  3. No. Loss or suffering is sometimes its own lesson that just hurts and that’s it. No optimism there, just reality of the situation at hand.

  4. Not in all things. There is no silver lining to my daughter’s illness or mine. So many times I hear that illness will teach you something, make you better, well we were both pretty darn awesome to begin with. Illness has just taken

    1. I can understand your view. For me, MS and ulcerative colitis has taken things from me, but both have also make me lose a ton of weight which in the long run will give me a better chance of not dying from heart failure. I also quit drinking alcohol. Both diseases have taught me to appreciate those around me and to not take things for granted.

      1. That’s wonderful! I’m glad for you that you had some benefit!
        I’ve always appreciated the little things even as a child. I’ve always appreciated every little thing my body can do. I appreciate it now that my leg still works even though it is so atrophied. Still haven’t found a silver lining for this but I truly am glad you were able to.

      2. Sometimes silver linings are there, sometimes they are, but they seem trivial compared to the tragedy or event. Sometimes I don’t even look for them.

      3. For me, I don’t really focus on finding something good out of something bad. I look for something good regardless of good or bad. I try to find something beautiful every day whether it is a breeze or a sunbeam on a leaf. I don’t try to make justice where there may not be any in some sort of senseless tragedy. I do find joy in the small things that some people don’t even notice. So maybe it is the same thing you are saying I just use different words.

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