My Thursday Will Be Anything But Boring

My Thursday Will Be Anything But Boring


My Thursday Will Be Anything But Boring…

I am on the road again this week working with a team at one of our sister properties in North Carolina.  They are a great group to work with and today we have some great opportunities.

First we will be talking to a gentlemen who owns a new funeral home.  Some people don’t like walking into a business that focuses on end-of-life care, but I actually like it.  These businesses help people at possibly the worst time of their life; it’s more of a calling than anything else.

After that I will be working with a guy who owns a popcorn business.  I don’t know much about this business so it will be quite the learning experience.

And these two businesses are why I love what I do.  In what world does anyone get to help a funeral home then assist a popcorn guy in the same day?!  And I get to do this week-in and week-out!  My days are never dull!

Yesterday when I got back to the hotel I decided to take some advice from a great friend of mine, Mike, who has traveled for years doing what I do.  He said to me that I need to incorporate 2 things into my travel routine: 1. run or walk on the treadmill every single day, and 2. find something to do other than sit around the room.

So last night I walked/ran on the treadmill for 22 minutes.  I plan to do the same today and tomorrow and although 20-30 minutes doesn’t burn a lot of calories, it is exercise and I hope to be able to build up to longer times.  Living with MS makes running difficult and I’ll admit my feet were completely numb afterward and they burned like you would not believe.

With all that said I do miss my family.  Evelina is at home with Bentley and that is hard to deal with.  We both understand that the travel is necessary, but it doesn’t make leaving any easier.  The good thing is next week is a short week due to Memorial Day and we leave on Friday afternoon for our Florida vacation!

Needless to say we are super excited!  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


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