29 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/25/18

  1. Its been a long time since I actually heard or read a clear statement of the supposed “Law of Attraction”. I can say that if you realistically imagine how to achieve something and work toward it , you are more likely to get it than if you don’t. Still, it seems to me that when most people talk about a “Law of Attraction”, they are doing magical thinking, and some others do get rich selling them books and seminars (anybody remember EST?) filled with pseudo spiritual and pseudo-scientific psychology mumbo jumbo.

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  2. Yes! I think we experience that which our subconscious believes to be ‘the truth’ about our world. Not necessarily that which we consciously want. To change our external experience I think we need to re-program our subconscious. Or ‘go within’, as the spiritual gurus say.

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