The Reason I Stopped Following the “News”


The reason I stopped following the “news”…


My morning routine is simple: coffee, blog update, put on ESPN and quickly check the goings-on around the world.

I don’t allow myself to spend more than a few minutes reading the “news”.  I do this because the media rarely reports the news, instead they create it.  The descriptive words they use show their tilt.  And the “news” is littered with Trump updates, events of racism and click bait articles about why I should care what a celebrity did or didn’t do.

Seriously?!  The media today has lost their way and those in the middle are the big losers.  I am not a conservative nor am I a liberal.  I am neither of these because I use common sense and understand that extremes are rarely ever good.  I am neither conservative nor liberal because I understand that not everyone thinks like me and I am okay with a world of diverse thinkers.  I didn’t vote for Trump, but understand that if you did that does not make you a racist.  I didn’t vote for Clinton either and understand that if someone did that doesn’t make them a liberal blow-hard.

What really bothers me is the fact that because the media is 100% click-bait, I lose.  I can’t follow the news today without wanting to jump off a bridge.  I cannot keep up with what is going on in the world around me because I cannot trust the reporting source.  And it is the loss of trust that is why many people like me are sick and tired of the “news”.

I wish there was a reporting website that simply reported the news without influencing the article or story with their own agenda.   Is that so much to ask??


9 thoughts on “The Reason I Stopped Following the “News”

  1. Have I really found someone else who didn’t vote for either of the main candidates, Danny? I just couldn’t bring myself to support either of them so voted for one of the Independents on the ballot. I also stopped watching, reading and listening to the news a few years ago when I became disenchanted with the way it is handled. No one reports the facts now, just the parts guaranteed to incite the most people to violence and hatred! It makes me sad that I’ve lived to see this happening in the country I love so much.

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      • Neither party has had what I consider a viable candidate for so many years I have been voting independent most of my life! Too many career politicians sucking the marrow out of us already. Unfortunately, the human people refuse to run because everything they have done in their lives gets dragged out in public, and which of us is perfect enough to survive that ordeal? Not sure if this world will be turned around again in my lifetime, and while I hate that for my great grandchildren who might never see the world the way I once knew it, I’m so glad I’m old enough that I won’t live long enough to see it become much worse!

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  3. I do have to say, the news media has been getting worse and worse lately. They get their ratings from drama and conflict, rather than factual information. There is an obvious slant towards either side of political spectrum, to the point where no one knows what’s really going on. I just hope one day people will understand how to think for themselves once more…

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