21 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/29/18

  1. I have a few, probably the one I am dealing with is eating meat and how animals are treated, I would like to think the meat my family eats is treated decently, but I can never be 100% sure of that and I am very sure that their are some animals out there that are treated horribly for the sake of cheaper meats.

    Companies paying taxes like Amazon, they pay little to no tax here. I am sure there are a ton of others and morally I should boycott them because of it, but I don’t

    1. Have you thought about buying from local farms and having a butcher cut up and package your meat. We’re looking into doing this. Right now, I’m paying a bit more, but am buying our eggs from a local family instead of the market.

      1. We get our meat from a local butcher and can track where most of it is from, same with our fish, eggs we get from a friend who has chickens and we get all our fruit and veg local or pick your own. Our main problem is dairy, while I can happily boycott milk, cheese and butter I am finding tough and finding a substitution that doesn’t cost the earth and tastes nice, I don’t even want the same, I just want to be able to like the taste is proving tough

      2. ahhh gotcha. I have cut a lot of dairy out of my diet, for health reasons. I make tapioca with coconut milk. I use less cheese and butter. I put almond milk in my coffee but certain things require milk; like mashed potatoes. My dad used to buy milk from our neighbors who had dairy cows. It wasn’t processed and still had the curd and whey.

      3. They aren’t treated a ton better here, but they are co-ops we can buy unprocessed milk through. I’m not a huge milk fan. There are local farming organizations that teach how to raise market animals to auction off. We’re looking into doing this next year. I have days (sometimes weeks) that I just eat vegetarian.

    1. That doesn’t seem to be a harsh truth. I was thinking more along the lines of “as much as I hate to admit it, people are capable of such violent acts it makes the world seem unsafe at times.”

  2. [Brat Thought] – I don’t know, because I’m ignoring them.

    I think it varies with how much energy I have to deal with them, but I really can’t think of any specific right now.

  3. I am choosing to ignore the hollow severe state of my bones that go beyond the osteoporosis “score”. I just pretend they are fine. If not I would be living in fear at every step I took

  4. That I need to be nicer. I do my best to be nice, when it’s applicable. However, I maintain I am not a bakery and I say things that need to be said. I am not PC and I won’t apologize if the truth hurts. The older I get, the more I stand by this.

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