36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/30/18

  1. I’m really tired of fighting with my insurance company to treat a serious illness. They act like the cold and cancer are interchangeable with how long they choose to make decisions on my care. I pay far too much for such limited services.

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    • I learned this lesson over 45 years. Some people want you or expect you to fight their battles for them instead of with them. I do not involve myself with people who are not going to work to improve. I will help lead them to water but if they decide not to drink them the tour is over.

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  2. I’m tired of feeling down about my weight and other life circumstances. It’s all about choices in most cases and I’ve been making changes lately because it finally dawned on me how many things are simple daily choices.
    We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

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  3. Of explaining. Explaining that I already did the thing they have just discovered and speaking like they are the first ones to have it or do it. I have stopped this though. It does me no good. Plus they are happy…let them be.


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