30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/1/18

  1. Lots of things. Seeing my kids succeed at something, doing a good deed for someone, watching one of my patients return home, completing a project. Lots of stuff is satisfying. 😃

  2. Teaching my daughter. While it’s not always our best moments, having in-depth conversations, seeing how her mind works or watching her grasp a concept is very satisfying. I am blessed to be able to have this time with her.

  3. [the temptation to reference a certain song is almost, but not quite irresistible]
    There are so many specific things, but what is the common feature? I think it is accomplishing something that I feel is worthwhile.

  4. Lots of things, probably too much to mention, but hey, you know me, talk, talk, talk….going out on a sunny day and just taking it in, listening to birdsong, smelling fresh dirt, mown grass, and that’s just nature…seeing my grandkids accomplish what they strive for, their successes, seeing how they react to situations, how they mature. Doing something I thought I couldn’t, but did.

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