38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/3/18

      1. Oh, I have zero problem with espousing my hatred for 2 things: our Idiot In Chief and the Univ. of Kensucky. Both can disappear today and I’d never shed a tear. 😏

      2. I have similar feelings for one of them. Worse day to day. Maybe he could deport himself, buy an island and be king of it. That’s how he acts to me, certainly not like a president.

      3. It is the most unpresidential person to ever hold the office. And, if you spent any time in close proximity with sUcKs fans, you’d agree with me on that one too. 😃

  1. Orange. It was part of my high school colors. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it today. You can’t find shoes to match that color either (that aren’t hideous). It’s just not pretty. The color orange should be for fruit and nothing else (imo).

      1. I read it wrong, sorry. Probably yellow is my least favorite. it clashes with my pale skin and makes me look like a dork ( yellow shirt). And too bright for a car.

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