42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/6/18

  1. Yes, it was back in the early 1970s. My then wife and her son and I were on a weekend camping trip in the Wisconsin Dells and the boy stepped barefoot on a tent peg. So, after a trip to the local ER, we gave him the treat of a sightseeing helicopter ride before heading home early.

      1. Its noisy (They did give us ear protection.) and the views were great. The feeling is different from a small plane in a way that’s hard to describe. The kid was thrilled.

      2. Actually, if the engine quits, a good pilot can land safely (assuming he can find a good spot, on auto-rotation, the helicopter version of gliding. On the other hand, if the rotor hits something and breaks, youre out of luck, and go down like a brick.

      1. Yeah. If it looked as though a carny was the pilot and there was a pool of hydraulic fluid on the tarmac underneath it, may want to avoid that one. 😜

  2. Yes. I went on a NYC scenic ride. Halfway around Manhattan one of the doors flew open! Seriously it did. One woman screamed and the pilot said: “Don’t worry you’re belted in we’re all still safe.” And so we continued on. True! This was in 1980.

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