How to Become Confident and Get Laid: The Self-Help Industry’s Perpetuation of the Disingenuous Man

Leon's Existential Cafe

I consistently find myself falling into the trap of evaluating other men based on the usual, and outdated, concept of manhood. Automatically, I negatively judge men who aren’t outgoing, are intimidated by beautiful women, and who simply lack confidence. And by doing so, I perpetuate the toxic male stereotype, inadvertently contributing to the seemingly never-ending hindrance of emotional, male expression.

As is, I’m sure, known by now, I’ve been on several dating apps for years, hoping to establish some semblance of substance over that same period. When I began using them, I presented more of my natural traits than I did in my final year of online dating; I was comedic, somewhat shy, and tried a bit too hard to entertain. As each girl fell by the wayside, I was left wondering what I did and where I went wrong. So, I did the only thing a confused young, American male would…

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