Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/12/18


Let me ask you a question:

What is the most beautiful landmark you have ever visited?

43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/12/18

  1. The statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting. I had always wanted to see it growing up and when we made a trip to Washington DC thirty years later, it was a highlight, even visiting the Smithsonian.

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  2. That’s tough. Yosemite Valley is breathtaking; The Grand Canyon, humbling; Alaska, stunning; and Yellowstone is a wealth of beauty. I’ve stood under giant Sequoias and seen the unforgettable ocean sunsets. I’d be hard-pressed to pick one!

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      • Interesting side note…..there are plaques, on the side of the rock where people climb up, to commemorate those who have died. Young kids have fallen off and died and adults as well. There is a chain you can hold onto to climb up. But most people end up coming down sliding bit by bit on their bottoms. My husband went up part way with our son who was 4 and then decided he didn’t want to be responsible for our son falling to his death and turned back. I did not go because our daughter was only 2 and besides that the Aboriginal guide told me that they do not climb the rock as they do not think it is “appropriate” to do so. That was good enough for me. That place has a real aura to it and I have no doubt that there is something of power there so I felt it best to respect that.

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