I am in the Labyrinth.


I have a competition coming up in a couple of weeks. I am on that journey toward going down the centerline and saluting the judge seated at C. At the moment, the analogy for my life is the classical labyrinth.

While I was in England I walked to the center of a classical labyrinth that is in the walled garden at Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. This classical labyrinth has seven coils that are laid out in the walled garden  with box hedging on turf.  In the ancient world the number seven  represented the seven visible heavenly bodies that move across the stars. In medieval times it was imagined that each of these had its own shell or sphere around the earth. So walking the  seven coil labyrinth was a journey to earth via these seven heavenly bodies. This traditional labyrinth offers the user no choices, the  path simply delivers the…

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1 thought on “I am in the Labyrinth.

  1. It’s interesting when consulting the path to be followed versus the walls to be broken. Perhaps that’s part of the struggle, but it can also be the way to enter new trains of thought on what we know versus what we discover. In other words the labyrinth, well-designed and very symbolic, is at times just a bit confining. Life doesn’t always follow an ordered path, and as a writer I find that intoxicating at times. But this was a very interesting piece, and very well-written.

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