You Can’t Make People Want To Be Great


You Can’t Make People Want To Be Great…

There is one mindset that has allowed me success in my job and it is the fact that I set as my goal to be the best.  I wanted to be the top seller in my entire company and every single habit in my professional life was aimed at that goal.  All of my energy was aimed at that goal.  Every time I made a cold call I was thinking about that goal.  And every time I didn’t feel like working hard I thought about the other guy or girl who was going to outwork me to take my spot!

The problem is you can’t make people want to be great.  Some people simply don’t have that mindset.  Some don’t have the discipline.  Some don’t have the drive.  Some don’t have the desire.  I have all of the above.

I am sure you have been on one side of this equation or the other.  You’ve either been the hyper-driven person or you’ve watched the individual operate in hyperdrive.

What I am finding is the desire to be great can be developed and it can come about from one deep realization.  It can happen in a flash of a thought.  It can happen in a moment.  But not everyone will work hard enough to become world-class at what they do.  Most people will work just hard enough to be proficient, with few becoming elite.

And companies around the world are full of workers who are just good enough to maintain employment.  What happened to wanting to be great?  Where is the mindset of being the best?  Has ambition and drive crawled off in some hole and died?

Maybe being hyper-driven isn’t normal.   Is it possible that possessing the internal desire to be the absolute best is abnormal?  I’m not sure, but I don’t see a lot of drive in people I know.


8 thoughts on “You Can’t Make People Want To Be Great

  1. [ Smiles ] You are right. You cannot make people great; they are the ones who need to do that for themselves.

    Also, in order to achieve anything great in life, you need to be driven towards the desired goal.


  2. People will reach towards the same goal, but they’ll do so in their own manner. Don’t worry too much about the drive of others, focus on your path and hope that in time they will learn how to focus upon theirs. Personally I go where the wind takes me at times, and thus far my path has taken me here.

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  3. True you can’t make people want to be great, there has to be that drive in them, unfortunately this generation want things at the snap of their fingers which isn’t the way. Happy weekend.


  4. This is true. Many people are happy to just coast in the middle somewhere. Oddly enough this weekend I have been talking to two horsey friends about horses who do not want to be “top” athletes. Now horses do not stand in their stalls deciding to be Grand Prix winners or not but it is clear that some horses seem to rise to the occasion when they get into a show ring. And they continue to do this as they rise up the levels. There are others that are not that happy being in the show ring. Fair enough. Not every rider wants a “show” horse. Some want a nice steady happy hacker. To each his own in both horses and humans.

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