At Fate’s End – Prologue-

Haise's Haven

Now now, here comes what I have been waiting for. The plot of the story had been in my mind for a very long time, and now I have decided to write about it.

At first I was wondering, what if it was not a good story? So I hesitated to write it. But then after I watch and read more fantasy-based materials, I have decided that I should really work on this. This story is about duty, responsilbility, love and lots of emotions.

People usually say that emotions are weakness for a human being. Well, I might as well exploit that then. It is going to be a hard ride this one. So, stick with me and join me on this long journey, and I will bring you, into my fantasy world.

With my cup of coffee and my handy laptop, let me type away into the midst of…

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