Does your responsibility ends with your generation?

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna kan ni läsa en insändare som ställer frågor till Trosas politiker kring vilket ansvar de har när de asfalterar våra sista naturområden. kan ni läsa en protestinsändare som anmäler att ett upprop mot väg-och exploateringsplanerna kommer att initieras. Läs mer i insändaren:

Nu finns en namninsamling för att behålla Trosas natur. Läs mer här:

For my nonSwedish readers, here come a google translation of my Save Trosa nature text that has published.


We live in one of the country’s best municipalities. We have two coastal forests left which ensure water availability and contribute irreplaceable ecosystem services. We live a multitude of outdoor activities there through fungal picking, MTB, terrain rides, horse riding, bird watching, orientation, hiking, swimming and other activities that promote good health.

I think tomorrow’s climate-smarter generation will stop counting time gains and…

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1 thought on “Does your responsibility ends with your generation?

  1. We are responsible for the interpretation of the generations before, what our generation has done, and teaching the next generations to come what it is expected, as are all generations that give way or supplant one another. There is no one generation responsible for everything, as by working together we insure a future that will be able to look upon a past as we safeguard the present.

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