2 thoughts on “How do we deal with bullying?

  1. I know how we dealt with it back in the day, we confronted the bully and made sure they knew who they were messing with one way or another. If things went well then the bully realized how much of a dick they were being and turned into a friend. If not then you made an enemy that hopefully got the point. These days we have to be so unbearably PC that it makes my teeth ache. Bullies have their own problems, that’s very true, but those problems don’t need to be projected in a negative way. The only thing I worry over about bullying will come when my daughters are finally in school. Their mother and I will instruct them to tell the bully to stop, and if it continues then talk to the teacher. If it still continues and the teachers do nothing then I plan on encouraging my daughters to settle things the old-fashioned way, so someone will finally pay attention. And if the people in charge had a problem with that then I’d gladly ask them, in a civil manner, just why our daughter’s words weren’t heard and why the bullying wasn’t stopped. I’m of the old school way of thinking when it comes to bullies. If someone’s going to get in your face and have a problem with you then try to walk away. If they won’t let you walk away then move them aside. If they won’t move then MOVE THEM. Back in the day it wasn’t perfect, but we knew how to handle our business when it came to bullies, and I’ll make a vow that my daughters will know how to do the same if it comes to that. As for cyber-bullying and spreading rumors, bullies that do this are little more than cowards that can’t go face to face with someone. Keyboard cowboys, a common term, are those that are only tough when they have a safe amount of distance between them and someone else and figure that they can say what they want because no one will find them. In that case it’s easy enough to ignore them. The only sad part is the fact that cyber-bullying does affect people somehow. It’s words on a screen, no matter how hurtful they are. The best way to combat it is to laugh, since anything someone says about you is just so much noise, and you know the truth, as do those who know you. Having been a bully in my youth and then having been bullied I feel very strongly about this subject, and would gladly stand up to any bully just to see them back down when they realize that intimidation doesn’t work the way it used to.
    Okay, rant over.

  2. I see a lot of teens taking matters in their hands and it would be also great for the teachers to listen because there are some who just walk away. There was a time that a fight was happening in front me and a teacher just passed by and when the fight got serious. That teacher and another decided to take action. It is about time teachers have some sort of meetings or those community teacher gatherings.

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