Supermarket Stress

In Mandy's Words

There is definitely something awry.  I have occasional anxiety,  I think that that is what it is, in certain everyday situations.  I am not anxious about being anxious, though, but I wanted to write about it just in case it becomes a ‘thing’. 

Today, I went to the supermarket with my daughter for a general food shop. It was a pleasant enough start, I bought a hanging basket and a pineapple plant to decrease snoring (apparently) – yes, I bought into the hype.  We looked at clothes and items that we will never need to buy including a cactus toothbrush holder.  Daughtershine is back from university for several weeks and it was amazing to see my trolley fill up with food that I had not placed in there!  Hmmm.  We bought Amber a crinkly newspaper toy – a replica of one she had as a puppy.  It will probably last…

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