5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Who Are #Tourists?

  1. Having come from a coastal town where tourism is a big deal and the lifeblood of the place nearly half of the year tourists are typically welcomed and in some cases suffered. Those that come to enjoy the town and all it has to offer while being respectful are great, they have a good time and respect the customs and rules of the place. But those that act as though they own the place and do their best to dominate a place that’s not their own, those are the tourists that tend to give others a bad name. You take the bad with the good and hope that the bad wise up eventually. Otherwise tourists are how many places thrive for a good part of the year.

    1. Hi! I agree with your comment, and so many places rely on tourism for their economy. You are so right about the entitlement that may accompany some tourists, often trying to bend local culture to benefit them. I like how you say “tourists are welcomed and suffered.”..so true!

      1. Lived around it for too many years to deny it. People gotta eat, and when you’re a part of a tourist town you learn how to roll with it. At least the bad ones leave eventually, haha.

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