22 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/27/18

  1. Nicky Gilbey she was the Virtual Learning Manager at Fareham College and she just exhumed motivation and inspiration to the point where you would probably have followed her over the edge of a cliff😀

  2. This would have to be my father, he never had anything negative to say about anyone and always gave good solid advice, he was my rock and inspired me in everything I did and probably still does !

      1. He was giving a short talk at an event at the University of California at Santa Cruz when I lived there. The Gyuoto Monks of Tibet [http://thegyutomonks.com/] were performing traditional throat singing chant which was amazing. Anyway, he did mingle a bit, shook some hands and smiled a lot.

      2. Richard Alpert (Tim Leary’s old buddy) and his alter ego, Ram Dass were fun too. He was funnier when when he dropped the Ram Dass act and was just Richard.

  3. Paralympic rider Dale Dedrick. She had just qualified as a surgeon in Chicago when ill health altered the course of her life. She has never given up. She competed for the USA in London 2012. Recently her heart has started to give out on her and she has been told she cannot continue to ride. She told me that she did not want to fall off and have her support people there to see that. What she means is she does not want them to have to deal with her falling off as she is dying. Despite this terrible loss of horses in her life she has remained positive in her outlook.She is now going to see if she can manage driving ( horse and carriage). She just never gives up. I wrote a blog post about her a year ago. She is truly inspirational for me.

  4. Almost every person I meet inspires me in some way. We all have a story; if you listen, you’ll learn things – not just about them, but about yourself too!

  5. Here is a link to the blog post I wrote about the person who inspired me: Paralympic rider Dale Dedrick.

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