85 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/29/18

      1. Oh, it’d still take some convincing, and negotiations. But, if the price were right…..? Now, as far as who would want said severed digit? Not sure. Danny did ask the question though. Just sayin’. 🤔

      2. I am worried about Danny, actually… Who thinks about cutting people’s fingers and toes?? Don’t turn your back to him, ok? Just until we’re sure he’s not on to something weird 😛 LOL

      3. Hahaha! Sleep with one eye open, right? He’s like the demented version of the tooth fairy, coming for everyone’s digits and leaving a quarter under their pillows! 😃

      4. And pissing off the mafia, is like crossing the streams… LOL And come to think of it, Danny does have kind of a godfather look, wouldn’t you say? 😛

      5. Sorta. Maybe he’s the Don for the North Carolina territory? That sucks for me, ’cause I’m in Carolina many times per year. Better watch my back…and buy one of those Groucho Marx set of glasses with the mustache. 😜

      6. LOL Take pictures please, will you? Maybe you can use one for my future challenge 🙂 I think Danny is a good godfather, he probably won’t have you killed when you visit North Carolina… Otherwise, I’ll have to Cha-Cha get my revenge 😉

      7. Great. Now I’m gonna have to go way up into Virginia and down the coast to get to Ocracoke. I guess an extra couple of hours on the road beats concrete shoes.

  1. Do I get to choose the finger or toe? If so, probably a pinkie toe. If not, I would prefer to run away. There was a Twilight Zone episode in which a man gambled with people, betting his money against their finger. At the end, his wife stopped him from cutting off somebody’s finger, saying she had already won all his money, holding up her few remaining fingers.

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