34 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 6/30/18

    1. I cannot drink milk, but when I could I loved an ice cold glass in the summer. I ask the question because it makes some people sick to drink when it is hot outside.

      1. I understand 🙂 I still have my really cold glass every morning anyway… Although today I had to drink it fast, because the temperature in my apartment is up to 91,5 F right now… so it could have gone bad really quick 😛

      2. Oh yeah… at least inside we have air conditioning in the bedroom. It should be more comfortable in a couple of days…

  1. Only if it is served hot. I mean I wouldn’t mind a cold coffee with ice-cream with chocolate sauce poured on it and chocolate rolls to go along on a super hot day. Lol I just described a freaking whole menu here.

  2. No. Thanks to the miracle that is A/C you can drink milk in the cool comfort despite the heat outside. Now if I was outside and sweating, I’d go for water.

  3. I once saw a documentary on a British study that had athletes drink water, sports drinks, or milk. They had to do an exercise routine that was sweat inducing and had blood work done before and after and then two hours after. Those who drank milk had the best hydration. This is because milk has to be digested and so the liquid is in the body longer and hence is a better hydrator. Water was the second best and sports drinks third. so I would say a glass of milk in hot weather would be good.

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