One thought on “I Walk With Angels

  1. Beautiful post❤️
    Last September, my grandmother got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and possible lymphoma, and my dad got diagnosed with colon cancer around the same time. My dad was also lucky enough to not need chemo, but my grandmother went through surgery, chemo, and radiation. We thought she was well, however about 1 1/2 months ago,she was diagnosed with cancer again. This time it wasn’t specified. They believe it’s all through her body. Her lungs keep filling up with metastatic fluid which prevents her from breathing, so she’s had to have her chest cavity drained every other day. They say now it’s most likely in her bones with all of the pain she’s having.

    That picture is beautiful. Sadly, incredibly sadly, my grandmother will not make it out of this. This picture fills me with hope though. ❤️

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