39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/1/18

  1. I don’t see a “great” opportunity, small daily ones, yes. I’m not looking for a job or a promotion, and not starting a business, so its all personal, mostly in the “random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” categories.

  2. I have a couple of things going on right now. I am a part of JProject and am working to build an on line prayer and support network. I am also working to get Justice for the murder of Prince. We’ve been friends across several lifetimes. He did not kill himself. The oppportunity to get justice for a friend means a lot.

  3. The opportunity I have to learn new skills and have the ability to take more control of my future. I hit a point in my life where I decided I am meant for more, and so I am working hard to make it happen for myself!!!

      1. I am doing a room a week and then the last minute packing should be easy. Although having said that we just emptied the loft and we have a large amount of stuff in there, that we need to get rid of

      2. Another good point. I never understand people who pack and move stuff they haven’t touched in years. Get…rid…of….it! lol

      3. The only reason why I like moving is its a good chance to get rid of stuff, I am doing my sons room today and having to explain to him that if he hasn’t played with it in the last year than it needs to go.

      4. I normally agree with that as well, but with a child you have to have a bit of leway, I draw the line at him keeping baby toys though. He is 6, just because its still there doesn’t mean he can keep it

      1. I do it through photography. I go out and make a moment by discovering something beautiful. Look at it through my lens and stay there in my brain with what I am looking at and feel that moment to its fullest.

  4. The spare time i have right now to work on my writing projects while waiting to pass on one of the job inteviews I’m applying to. Gotta love the ample time to work on my own stuff before another spur of busyness comes my way lol

  5. I am fit and in good health for a “vintage” woman. I think my big opportunity is to be able to carry on making the most of every day riding and training with my horse and getting to do cool things like be part of the accredited media for the World Equestrian Games. Living the life. Living the dream.

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