52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/3/18

      1. They shouldn’t have the other day. But, like a 2 Seed escaping a 15 Seed, then going on to win the NCAA Tourney, sometimes destiny requires a little luck.

      1. How did you guess?? LOL And my interest for the tournament is now completely dead (well almost… I’ll cheer for Sweden)

      1. It has been a long time, but we are celebrating the fact that we are in the quarter finals, so god knows how we are going to react if we win today.

        Its a really weird world cup though, all the big teams are out now, so it is anyone game. my bet is France is going to win though

      2. The whole world cup is odd, America not qualifying, Germany, Brazil all crashing out, Russia going through, if i was paranoid, I would say something is going on. If Russia wins then I am most definitly saying the other teams were nobbled

  1. Yes but not religiously. However I did watch the last half hour of the England Columbia match and it was a real edge of the seat, nailbiter!! I was pulling for England so by the time the final goal happened ( on a shoot out which is just so nerve wracking) I was hands in the air cheering. Our son is in Berlin for work this week and he watched the match on a big screen at the Brandenburg Gate. That looked like fun as there were a lot of England supporters in the crowd.

      1. And now……..there’s England winning …..again! Well the expectations will be growing now in England! I will ask my son how the atmosphere is in London!

  2. Oh yes. A couple of my favourites are out now. But I still have been enjoying Brazil, Belgium, England and France. Haven’t decided which one I like for the final though 🙂

  3. Absolutely!!! I wanted Spain to at least get to the finals but we see how that happened…lol!! I think probably Brazil or France will get to the final.

  4. I was going for Mexico but they’re already out. I figured they wouldn’t make it past the Round of 16. I don’t really like any of the teams left but I’ll probably watch the final.

  5. No, I don’t have a TV anymore, and if I did, my cable service would probably have been out for most of the last ten days and I would have been quite bereft if I were a fan.

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