Inner demons.

Fearlessly Making Sunshine Through The Shadows

If I were sitting at a fold out table, covered with cloth, flowers and plastic pearls as a center piece, in a banquet hall…

And if I were to see the girl that is my mirrored reflection walk in and sit across from me…

My soul would say:

She’s so pretty. Is she lost?

No, she sat down, she’s meant to be here.

If a man walked in, a man of my husband’s mirrored reflection, my soul would say:

Is she alone? Oh, her ring, she’s waving him over – that must be her husband.

A hand squeeze as he sits beside her…

They’re so cute! I bet they go well together.

Are my husband and I cute? We fight sometimes… we have such heavy issues and they look so happy! I’m so jealous.

Her eyes are so blue! Almost grey… quite clear behind her glasses – of which, I…

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