39 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/4/18

    1. I forget you folk across the pond use “holiday” as we use vacation. Replace holiday with nationally recognized day off from work to celebrate national pride…or something like that. lol

      1. I did wonder, we don’t really seem to do anything like that, turkey for Christmas but I can’t think of bank holiday that is associated with food. Going down the pub yes, I suppose a giant roast with all the trimmings but I think a lot of us do that on a Sunday (traditionally) anyway

  1. I realize that I tend to connect some particular foods with specific holidays. For example, roast turkey goes with Thanksgiving and not with 4th of July. That said, I’m not very holiday oriented, so I don’t plan holiday foods. If I’m a guest, I’ll eat whatever is on offer.

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