I’m a Product of Depression Era Kids

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


My oldest has determined that the old man is losing it … as in starting to show some dementia.  I salvage and repair and put back into use whereas she’s more of a “throw this away and get another new one“.  She’s like a lot of other men and women in their 30’s in as much as she (and others) have succumb to the Madison Avenue marketing schemes and believes that once something is broken it must be replaced with something new.

I on the other hand listened to Momma, my step Dad, my aunts and uncles and the older men and women in my neighborhood talk about how bad things were in the 1930’s.  The biggest phrase that I heard was “Don’t waste _________!” (insert whatever you shouldn’t waste and a lot of times it was paper).  That and “Eat your supper.  There are…

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