52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 7/10/18

      1. I went there once, and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I do mean outside of the towns, in the cities and towns poverty just hit you everywhere.

        But this was coming up to 20 years ago, so I am not sure if anything has changed

      2. Many of the South American countries are amazing, but now most over overrun with crime and violence. Right now the big thing is kidnapping Americans for ransom money.

      3. Its a shame, because the one thing most countries need is tourism, there is a great show on at the moment, where someone is going round some of the countries you wouldn’t think of visiting, like Haiti and showing their beauty

      1. I’m not exactly sure. It just seems so rich with and “old world” culture. Perhaps learn some history from the aborigines. If nothing else, just listening to people talk would be cool. 🙂

      1. all of them. My grand dad was a porter on the southern atlantic railway and would grab a grandkid and just GO every summer. I live in Enid, OK now which is a major hub for trains, both passenger and freight. I adore all trains. Would work for the railways if I still had my health. One passenger train in NZ travels across the tops of several mountains and the views are glorious…at least the pictures are. I’d love to ride it.

  1. Argentina ( Buenos Aires), Puerto Mont (Chile) ,Kauai, London (England), Cape Tribulation (Australia). I have been to all these places but woudl love to go back.

      1. Actually change of plans- I’ll visit America(North and South), Eurasia(Europe and Asia), Australia, Africa and Antarctica. Only these five places. That’s it.

  2. Interesting question. I would love to se the pyramids, the fireflies in the Smokey Mountains, Crater Lake, I don’t know how to spell Machu Picu? and Graceland.

      1. the pyramids are absolutely incredible. You stand at the base of them and look at each individual stone and wonder how on earth they were put into place. They are about twelve feet tall, twenty feet wide and massive!

  3. Is this trip all expenses paid? As for the five places, I catch myself thinking about which ones would be in areas where there isn’t a war or revolution or some such going on. I really don’t have a list. Its not something I’ve ever expected to do, so why bother?

      1. Maybe, if I had gobs of money to spend and a nice big sail boat with crew to go anywhere in. Its not so much that seeing those things wouldn’t be nice, but these days, the getting there is a huge pain.

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