Does the Lack of Consideration Make You A Bad Person?

Does the Lack of Consideration Make You A Bad Person?


Does the Lack of Consideration Make You A Bad Person?

I really try to always be aware of how my actions impact others.  I try to be quiet early in the mornings when others are asleep in the house.  I don’t play my music loud when I know others might not like my choices.  I try to pick up after myself so as to not create a mess for someone else to clean up.

In a general sense I simply try to always take other people into consideration when living my life.

I don’t think others do this.  Or at least I don’t think many others live in this way.

Of course I’m not perfect, but I am at minimum aware that I’m not the only human being on the planet.  I wonder if I am alone in my observation or have you noticed this as well where you live?  It seems to me that there are a lot of people who are so completely consumed with what they are doing that they simply don’t take the time to think about others.

I am in Jacksonville, NC and someone in the room beside mine was slamming cabinets or drawers at 5 am.  Now at 3 pm I wouldn’t care, but at 5 am this person might as well have been banging a gong!  How can this person not have enough self-awareness to think that slamming drawers would bother other people in other rooms?

Another observation is when people are walking and texting, while looking down at their phone, and they expect you to move out of their way.  They are completely oblivious to any other human on the planet, never look up, don’t pay attention to where they are walking and basically walk through people.  I find this incredibly inconsiderate.

Or maybe it is just me?  I do see some people showing consideration and displaying a solid set of manners.  Unfortunately I see a huge gap in manners in younger people when it comes to social interaction.  It seems as though the modern parent just didn’t ingrain the necessity of being considerate, thinking of others and using manners.

Many behavioral psychologists state that people are more narcissistic now than at any other time in history.  To some degree I blame social media and the mobile device.  People are living more online now and pay less attention to what is going on in the real world.  What is amazing is how quickly the mobile device has changed our behavior.  In less than 10 years the mobile device has completely changed how the modern world functions.  It has changed how we shop.  It has changed how businesses advertise.  It has changed how we interact with one another.  It has completely changed our expectations of nearly everything around us.

We want things faster, faster and even faster.   We focus more on ourselves and less on how our decisions and actions impact those around us.

I’m not sure it makes people bad people, but it is annoying when others seem to more concerned with anything they are doing than how their actions impact my life.  Or, like I said earlier, maybe it’s just me.  Hope you have a great Wednesday.



25 thoughts on “Does the Lack of Consideration Make You A Bad Person?

  1. I don’t disagree but I also think it goes deeper. There is more pressure on people to work faster, smarter, cheaper . . . We are becoming too isolated, too harried, bullied even. I do blame social media. It is a great tool hiding a monster.

  2. I’m reading a book about this same subject, Bored and Brilliant. Social media texting while walking is a real addiction! They call it Wexting. No lie. I think some people are more aware than others. Next time take a shoe and tap on the wall!!!

  3. I totally agree with what you are saying and have often voiced the same feelings. As a person who tries to the ultimate extent to be considerate of others in every way, I find it amazing at how so many, but not all, people seem to not give a thought to the feelings of others! Nice to know I am not alone in that.

    1. It is sad that if you sit still and watch those around you (like at the mall) you will see a lot of good people, but you will also witness so many people living their lives completely oblivious to anyone around them. And it isn’t a small number of people either.

  4. I agree with a caveat, I moved into a multiple roommate home recently, one of the roommates is so narcissistic that I am surprised this person has any relationships at all. However since I am naturally considerate and aware of others around me, the rude renter has done small things that I think are improvements from when I moved in telling me that we can influence people that are inconsiderate and disrespectful of others. I’ve never said anything to this person, I just ignore the rude remarks and continue to be myself so I believe through consistent actions at least in my situation this person has tried to be a bit less of a slob and less noisy.

      1. My perceptions and beliefs are that the world in general is right where we are, what we experience, each day, what we do and how we act affects those around us. There are over 7 billion people that populate the world in general, I can’t possibly speak to the attitude and behavior of those I am not around personally,

  5. I agree. I think the phone and social media has made us much more isolated. People are existing in a ‘people-less’ world. It is nto necessary to be considerate but I agree with Laura’s comment that just by example some change can be nurtured.

      1. At your age? You are still a youngster in my books! But I hear you ….I don’t think adults or anyone over the age of 10 can be taught anything they don’t wish to learn.

  6. I think it may rub off on some people and is a great example to children who are always mimicking behaviors they see. The best thing a parent can do is set a good example. We were just talking about this today with my oldest grandson, the firefighter. He thinks discipline is lacking with parents who for example, let their children run wild in public, no manners, etc. The pendulum has gone from corporal punishment to no responsibility at all. What do you guys think?

  7. For me, where I see inconsiderate the most is when people are driving. Everyone is in a hurry. They don’t pay attention to the rules, don’t care about two lanes merging, why let someone in? Their philosophy is “me first.” Does this have to do with social media or just life in a big city where people don’t care?
    Maybe social media is making everyone, even those who used to have consideration, exist as if they live in a big city.
    I have always tried to be considerate for the mere reason that I have to live with myself and that’s the way I was taught to be. I am very aware when I have behaved in a manner
    contrary to this and it eats at me. I have to presume that a lot (I hesitate to say “most) people are not like this.
    Thinking on it further, nope. I can’t put all the blame on social media. Many parents aren’t considerate and certainly aren’t fostering it in their children.
    At least this is true in DC and its burbs. However, when I go to VA Beach, people are more considerate. More sorries, more acknowledgement. Yep. It’s how people are brought up.
    I’m going to end this here before I need to write my own blog post. 🙂
    Thanks for an interesting topic, Danny.

    1. Thanks for leaving your thoughts. I don’t like the “it’s all about me” attitude. Jumping in line. Expecting special treatment. Talking loudly on the phone in a quiet public place. UGH!

  8. Not just you! I feel the exact same way. And it drives me crazy that I’m trying to teach my kids something different and they don’t seem to understand because “everyone else acts that way” (they know better than to actually say “why can’t I” but I know it’s implied). I will say that my oldest doesn’t so much feel that anymore. She’s now just as aggravated as I am and has started trying to explain it to her 13year old sister.

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